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The Council members of Ponca City, OK, were experiencing difficulties with audio intelligibility during meetings, due to microphone static and audio feedback. For local Government meetings, audio quality is key to allow efficient deliberations and to deliver a clear message to the audience in the room and online, if the meeting is recorded for streaming. In addition, the voting system at Ponca City was relying too much on manual work and thus leaving room for human error. Finally, the media content projected in this large room was hard to see for councillors at the dais.

To upgrade their system, Ponca City chose all-in-one conference terminals: the TAIDEN 8335 Video Monitors. Used for speech, parliamentary voting (yes/no/abstain) and content display, the conference system is providing excellent audio intelligibility, and solving line-of-sight issues for council members. They can now see the content clearly on the same unit that they use to speak and vote ; voting proposals and results are also displayed on the terminals, as well as audience screens.