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Toner Cable Equipment, Inc. - TDA-R-40A-115
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1 GHz Drop Amplifier with 1 Output, Integrated Active Return, 5-40 MHz

Series: TDA-R-115

Model: TDA-R-40A-115

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The TDA-R-115 series amplifiers are 15 dB gain models ideally suited for long cable drops or multiple subscriber outlets. With integral reverse diplex filters, the TDA-R-115 is the perfect amplifier for an addressable system. The unit is built in a rugged zinc diecast housing with two mounting flanges and a built in ground lug. The amplifier is powered by a separate 12 VDC/110 or 220-240 VAC plug-in transformer. Both the amplifier and the transformer DC power fittings are "F" type, allowing the use of coaxial cable, which is low in cost and readily available. A 6' RG-59 jumper is provided for convenience.
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